February 1, 2009


The Superbowl has always been very interesting to me from an anthropological standpoint (and I am fully aware that there's nothing unique about that). I find the attention that the game gets amazingly fascinating. Seriously. People really get excited about these kinds of games. I used to work as a bartender a few years back, and Superbowl Sunday was absolute madness. People would cram themselves into the bars that I worked in to sit around together and watch the event. So what it is? Ritualized warfare? Regional competition projected onto a symbolic entity? Who knows.

Today was especially interesting to watch, considering the state of affairs in the country today. The economy is a disaster, and yet people attach enough importance to this game to spend a ton of money on buying tickets to sit in the stadium and watch it all play out.

Obviously it's important. Sometimes, though, I can't quite understand why. Another topic to put on the back burner until there is more time to look into it...

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