October 5, 2009

anthropology of grad school (continued)

week 7.

39 essays graded. still have tests to grade as well.

reading through the work of someone like hunter s. thompson makes me appreciate the force of opinion and perspective...something that can seemingly get lost if everything trends too far into the relativist position. the point here is that academia cannot be an excuse to sit back and find creative ways to avoid doing anything, that's all.

and then there is deconstruction. it's fun and all, but at some point you have to stop lest you deconstruct yourself right out of existence. then what?

thompson is a good break from a day of reading through spencer, morgan, tylor & the whole 19th century thing about cultural evolution. yes, yes. i know! we must read about these people in context.

i am not sure if my writing has degraded into non-opinionated academic drivel yet. sometimes i think that constantly looking at everything from all sides might be deleterious, so to speak.

in other news, at least we got outside of the house this weekend. i still have to read for archaeology class, write a paper for anthro/development class, make a powerpoint, and read more stuff for thursday. oh, and maybe wake up early and write a paper for tomorrow's class, if that's in the cards.

meanwhile, it's probably about 70 degrees in Baja California Sur right now...

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