October 28, 2009

there are only questions and more questions

...as a graduate student in anthropology, is it my job to simply reproduce the system that i am a part of? or is there some other possibility?


Stacie Gilmore said...

Have you told your students about the heathen yet? If not, there might still be hope.

What EXACTLY are you doing to reproduce the system? Is all of the system problematic or just parts?

In the museum world, we make strategic plans for what elements we'd like to change and how, in priority order, matching ideas to resources, and then implement along a certain time scale, revising as it goes along.

Ryan Anderson said...

im doing a lot to reproduce it, since that's how graduate programs are structured. not really anything new. my strategic plan is to get through the system without losing my overall principles, and then to do what i need to do when i am out of it.

Stacie Gilmore said...

Sounds like a reasonable plan to me.

It's too bad that older, tenured professors aren't doing more along these lines because they have a solid foundation to stand on.

Ryan Anderson said...

indeed they do. there is a lot of political nonsense in academia, and i am just biding my time. it's all politics until i get done; at least that's how it feels right now.