November 25, 2009

Two completely random posts that happen to mention the American Anthropological Association

First up, check out the review of the AAA Blog by Rex over at Savage Minds:

" has managed to successfully put a face on our discipline’s professional organization that is both respectable and not boring: they track the appointment of AAA members to prestigious positions, they have a flickr photo stream of Indigenous Children In Authentic Textiles playing with iphones and laptops, announce grants, and so forth. Its an important niche in the anthropology noosphere that has finally been filled. So let’s give it up for the AAA blog—good job folks!"

Next, have a look at Max Forte's newest little ditty over at ZERO ANTHROPOLOGY:

"Innocently and just out of curiosity, I was asked by a colleague if I would be in Philadelphia. I asked in return: “Why? What’s in Philadelphia that should interest me?” Of course my colleague was simply referring to the upcoming annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, when whole departments in Canada lose their faculty to this annual pilgrimage to the centre of anthropological power, to catch some of the light of the American luminaries, and (unintentionally?) massaging the ego of the monster."

All comments and suggestions are appreciated.


Maximilian C. Forte said...

I wish Rex had not used the word "noosphere" it's going to stick in my head, as the newest word I love to hate. What does it even mean?

Ryan Anderson said...

Ha! I looked at that word for a while wondering exactly it meant too.

Stacie Gilmore said...

Clearly, the anthropological noosphere is the "thinking sphere."

It takes in others' perceptions, and perceptions of others, mixes and stirs, and declares thought on behalf of the rest of humankind.

... for purely selfless interests of course ...

Stacie Gilmore said...

Did I say declares? I meant "markets."

Ryan Anderson said...


Ya, it's all about altruism isn't it? Absolutely selfless, and no politics whatsoever. Not in anthropology.

Marketing thought. That's what pulls in the tuition, right?

Stacie Gilmore said...

Oh no, tuition is an unfortunate side-effect of the law of supply and demand, in this monopoly on knowledge and credentials.

Think how terrible it would be if we had to provide everyone with a college education regardless of cost.

Keep those entrance barriers high so they're WILLING to pay exorbitant tuition for the privilege.

Ryan Anderson said...

Right, it's all about market forces! Thanks for reminding me about the invisible hand. We should remind the UC students in california about this. Look folks, it's just the market, relax.