February 18, 2010

Farming the Open Anthropology Cooperative for colorful and remote people

Since it's inception, I have been unsure exactly what the OAC is meant to be. Is it an alternative to the AAA? Is it Facebook for anthropology nerds? Is it just a free-for-all that happens to fly the banner of anthropology? Are there any limits to what can and can't be called anthropology? Does any of this matter? Every once in a while I check in there to see what all of the anthropologists are up to. Here is the most recent discussion forum topic:

I thought this could be a good place to find suggestions for rural festivals around the world. I'm a photographer and currently working on putting together a project with National Geographic to document ten of the world's most remote festivals or cultural traditions. We are looking for very remote, colorful, and culturally interesting events. I would be most eager to hear your suggestions.

Is this what the OAC is for? Just wondering.

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