March 7, 2010

Human Terrain on Google Ads?

Well, this wasn't expected. So I was checking out an anthropology-related site a while ago, just to see what was going on around those parts. And I noticed an interesting ad in the Google sidebar (which is common on many blogs and others sites):

That's right, a "one-of-a-kind opportunity" to learn more about BAE Systems' HTS Program. I had no idea that Google was running these ads. The link leads to this website, which talks all about the exciting opportunities to "make a real world difference."

Has anyone else seen these?

*Update: According to the Google Adsense page: "AdSense gives you access to Google's vast network of advertisers, so you can show ads that are suited to your audience's interests." Is HTS really suited to an anthropological audience's interests? Not mine.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this. Hey, have you joined yet??? Come on, hurry up, they won't be around forever you know ;-)

J.M said...

Interesting note.
Looks like the "one-of-a-kind" opportunity is not only to wipe one's ass with ethics and support imperialism, it is also to get an experience in grammar relativism, as the website says :
"Join us in one these exciting career opportunities". (sic)

Ryan Anderson said...

Max: You know it...I am going to join right up. Can't wait for that great "opportunity" to put my skills to work ;)

JM: Ethics? Grammar? Who needs crap like that? This is about changing the world for the better, after all.

J.M said...

Help !
Ryan is on his way to become a militaro-zombie.
No! Ryan! Get back! Ryaaaaaannnnn !


Oh, crap.

Ryan Anderson said...


Don't be such a Franz Boas-ite. Who protests these days, anyway? Ethics statements and resistance are soooo 20th century. Get on the HTS train; I think you get a free coffee mug.

What a deal! Act now!!!

J.M said...

A free coffee mug, seriously ?

Well then, hum, I have to think about it again. Let's see.
Now that you explain the issue, I have to agree that my judgements were probably made a bit hastily. It's getting clear now, things are not that simple.
The USA are fighting for democracy after all.
I am realizing I feel like making a real-world difference. That feels good !
BTW, never heard about that Boas guy you talk about.

Well, where do I sign ?

(Can I have a tee-shirt too ?)

Ryan Anderson said...

All the free t-shirts you want, pal. I hope you like earth tones though...

Douglas La Rose said...

I was really confused about this for almost five minutes. I thought you were referring to the "ethnography to innovation" ad and went to that website looking for HTS stuff. I guess I should have... paid attention? Hahaha