June 30, 2010


As I get closer to actually having a more consistent connection to the internet, I will start posting more. No, really.

In other news, I like reading a lot of the blogs written by economists and future economists. Like this one (thanks to Savage Minds) by Mike Konczal. Since I am already ripping off content from SM, I might as well re-post the same quote about indoctrination that Kerim snipped:
speaking as someone who has taken graduate coursework in “continental philosophy”, and been walked through the big hits of structural anthropology, Hegelian marxism and Freudian feminism, that graduate macroeconomics class was by far the most ideologically indoctrinating class I’ve ever seen. By a mile. There was like two weeks where the class just copied equations that said, if you speak math, “unemployment insurance makes people weak and slothful” over and over again.
Here is a thought that has been with me for the last couple of days: why do so many people read a publication called "The Economist," while only anthropologists buy "American Anthropologist"? Why can't there be a serious and readable publication created by anthropologists that is ACTUALLY APPEALING to a wider audience?

Soon I will be writing about my summer of preliminary fieldwork. No heroic stories of entry into the exotic field...just less than amazing airport food, overpriced car rentals, and the wonders of trying to figure out why nobody stops at stop signs in La Paz. It's amazing.

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