June 22, 2010

Ya, I´m out of the office...

So...every summer there is a dead space here on this site. This is mostly because of the fact that I have been traveling to either Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, and/or Baja California Sur since 2007. Some years I am able to manage to post a decent amount, and others (namely this one) the site pretty much drops off the face of the earth. This summer I made the calculated decision to leave my laptop at home for some tactical reasons (it´s not all that easy to camp and bring a bunch of dumb computer equipment that screams STEAL ME). The only problem with this choice: there really aren´t a ton of internet cafes here in BCS. Unlike other parts of Mexico, internet cafes are kind of a rare commodity. Who knew? Now, I do.

Anyway. It has been a summer of reading books by writers such as CM Mayo, Bruce Berger, and JW Krutch. I am reading all of the books that have been written about this peninsula by non-Mexicans. I should add Harry Crosby and Pel Carter to that list. The next phase, of course, is to read everything else I can find. I will start by finishing the well-regarded book by Fernando Jordan, who travelled all over the peninsula and covered some pretty extensive ground.

For now I need to get out of this blazing hot internet cafe and see what´s happening with the game between Greece and Argentina.

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