July 19, 2010

Atlanta airport


Maximilian C. Forte said...

Hi Ryan,

I just finished reviewing all of the posts with photographs from your recent time in Mexico. They are really striking, even if of seemingly "simple" or mundane items or everyday types of activity. You have a very keen eye, and I was wondering: did you have training in photography? Do you have an interest in visual anthropology?

Thanks for sharing these here.

Very best wishes,


Ryan Anderson said...

hey max!

thanks for the comment. im glad you're liking the photos here...i have been in a bit of a photographic streak the last week or so.

ya, i actually started off in photography before getting into anthropology. i kind of bounced around doing some different things with photography for several years, then found my way to anthropology. i definitely have an interest in visual anth...i am working on figuring out how i am going to utilize photography for my fieldwork--i am hoping to mix a kind of landscape documentary thing w/portraits and other things. i have to do an update to my IRB to add the photo thing in, so we'll see how that goes.

anyway, i have been working on going through all of my photographs and putting them in a place where they're a little more organized:


I still am not sure how I want to lay everything out, but it's coming along i think...

hey can you send me your email???