January 26, 2011

Maxine Udall: She will be missed

Dr. Alison Snow Jones, author of the blog Maxine Udall, Girl Economist, passed away last week. I never had the chance to meet Dr. Jones, but I was definitely inspired by her ideas and her gift for writing. She was a talented writer who had the rare skill make powerful arguments in brilliant, unique ways. Her ruminations about economics (and life) illustrated both her sharp wit and her humanity. She was anything but the run of the mill economist or social scientist, that's for sure. Her writings reminded me of the intellect and wit of my favorite essayists...she just had that ability to string together arguments in inspirational and fascinating ways. I learned a lot from her style and sharp analytical sense, and admired her ability to communicate her thoughts and ideas. I kept wondering when she would publish a set of collected essays about economics--I would have bought a book by her in a second. She was absolutely one of my favorite writers, and I always looked forward to what she would say next. She will be missed. Rest in peace, Dr. Jones.

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