January 21, 2011

Things and the OAC

For any of you folks out there interested in questions about materiality (things, stuff, objects--and what they "do"), check out the current online seminar at the OAC, which features a paper by Martin Holbraad (co-editor of the 2006 book "Thinking Through Things). The is open until January 29, and is already well underway with comments and replies.

The OAC has put together some pretty interesting stuff of late--and I think these online seminars are coming together in really fascinating way. I am about 1/2 through Holbraad's paper, and need to get in there ASAP to get in my 2 cents.


Fran Barone said...

I agree - the seminars and the entire Press initiative are really shaping up nicely. I'm also partly through the paper and hoping to be able to contribute something soon, but juggling lots of different tasks as always!

Ryan Anderson said...

hey fran,

im still working through that paper as well...while trying to keep up with the onset of the new semester. i am hoping to get the chance to jump into the fray before the deadline.