February 24, 2011

Max Forte channels H.L. Mencken re: Libya

I'm not going to ruin it for all three of you who read this site. Just go check out this post by Max Forte over at the all-nuanced edition of Zero Anthropology. Here is a selection from one of the choice bits:
As observers of the complexities around the social negotiation of constructed meanings, it would do us well to remember that democracy is inscribed as a gesture of erasure, that human rights exist as an absence through an erasure that is the sign of their own creation. What we urgently need then are less of the over-determined portrayals of reality that lead to debased forms of point scoring– “dictator!” “murderer! “bastard!”–and more sophisticated treatments of the contingency of discourse, while tacking back to the free floating signifiers that constitute the flows of democracy instantiated in the reflexive negotiation of identity best understood as friction where the practice of inscription is embodied but ever perched on the border with the simulacra of memory qua narrative.
I think I am going to put "simulacra of memory qua narrative" on some academic t-shirts and see if I can cash in on this while the fire is still hot. Nuance, after all, is in.*

*If this post doesn't make sense, that's ok.


Maximilian C. Forte said...

LOL Ryan. Many thanks. It doesn't make sense to me either, and yet somehow "sounds right."

Ryan Anderson said...

I hear you, max.