February 26, 2011

Photographic Delusions

Seriously, I miss having an M6. And I miss having my Wisner 4x5, and that really good Rodenstock 210 that I used for about 10 years. I also miss my Rolleiflex, which was in really good shape. I miss my SL66 too. How on earth did I get rid of all those great cameras? Oh, that's right, I went back to school and became a poor anthropology grad student. These days I used a Canon 30D, which is OK, but not my favorite of all time. Ya, I have some other cameras at the moment (like a solid old Nifformat just in case), but the 30D is the one I use most of the time. It works, for now. But at some point I want some NEW STUFF, if you know what I mean. Why does everything that I need/want cost at least $1000 more than I have?

Something to consider: the famous photographer Edward Weston made some pretty amazing photographs with some P.O.S. lens he bought in a thrift store. Lesson: it doesn't take a Leica to make good photographs. So there you have it. Onward.

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