February 3, 2011

Zizek on events in Egypt

Slavoj Zizek on revolution, the west, Egypt, and fear:
What cannot but strike the eye in the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt is the conspicuous absence of Muslim fundamentalism. In the best secular democratic tradition, people simply revolted against an oppressive regime, its corruption and poverty, and demanded freedom and economic hope. The cynical wisdom of western liberals, according to which, in Arab countries, genuine democratic sense is limited to narrow liberal elites while the vast majority can only be mobilised through religious fundamentalism or nationalism, has been proven wrong. The big question is what will happen next? Who will emerge as the political winner?
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Anonymous said...

I like the part where he says the argument FOR Mubarak is actually the argument AGAINST him.

Ryan Anderson said...

@anon: ya, that's one of the best parts of the article.

thanks for the comment.