March 15, 2011

Anthropologies Issue 1: What is anthropology?

So the first issue of the new project I have been working on (with the help of Stacy Gilmore, Keith Hart, David Picard, Alyson O'Daniel, Megan Maurer, and others) is finally posted.  Please comment, express your reactions, and post something in the Open Thread.  The whole point is to get some conversation going about anthropology.  This project is just getting started, and I think there is potential to make something pretty interesting.  Here's the contents of this first issue:

What is Anthropology?
March 2011

~ Contents ~


Susan said...

Ok, first time visitor to your blog and I read "Should I Pursue Anthropology?" by Stacie Gilmore, thinking I perhaps have nothing in common with anthropologists.

And then I remembered - hey! I too have an anthropolgy undergraduate degree - U of Iowa, 1972. Awesome. I had truly forgotten all about that. Stacie is right - the degree is probably a dead end if you seriously want to pursue anthropolgy. But that's not all bad. Anything you later do seems level-headed in comparison.

Yes, there is life after an anthropolgy degree.

Ryan Anderson said...

Thanks for your comment Susan. Stacie's post brings up some really good questions about what can (and should) be done with anthropology, and whether or not we all have to follow the same route. I don't think we do, and that there are numerous ways to have a life beyond the anthro degree - hey, there may in fact be life after three anthro degrees (hopefully)!

Thanks again for the comment!