June 26, 2011

News and updates: Savage Minds, etc

The news this summer is that I have been given the chance to blog at Savage Minds full-time, which is great.  I have always been a fan of their site, and I am definitely excited to take part.  So most of my blogging will shift over there, but I will still cross-post here as well.  My posts at SM will focus specifically on anthropology, and I will still use this site for some other themes (photography especially) that I tend to write about.  So far this summer my blogging has been somewhat limited, but I plan on getting more going pretty soon.  I have been out in California getting some time to regroup after a particularly long semester.  I am also trying to read some key books before I take my quals this fall.  Beyond all that, my wife and I have been able to get in some time alongside the Pacific Ocean, which was much needed for the creativity barometer, if you know what I mean.

One of the main themes for this summer reading: development and economics.  I just finished reading Neil Smith's Uneven Development, and finally reread Harvey's Spaces of Global Capitalism.  I am in the middle of reading Hart and Hann's (2010) Economic Anthropology, which is great so far.  Another good read that I came across yesterday: Amartya Sen's recent article on the relevance of Adam Smith.  You can access the PDF here.  My side project, in addition to my readings for the quals, is finding ways to investigate modern economic theory and practice, especially concepts like the so-called "free market," which people use all the time without a lot of, well, empirical basis.  Anyway, that's what's happening in my free time.

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