September 5, 2011

Jason Baird Jackson on Anthropology & Academic Publishing

Following some recent discussions on Savage Minds, Jason Baird Jackson has a new post that explores the enclosure of anthropological journal literature by for-profit publishers.  This is definitely well worth a read.  Here's the intro:
It is early fall and that means that it is the season for anthropologists to think out loud about the publishing ecology characterizing their field. As American anthropologists await final confirmation that their national association has renewed its publishing agreement with Wiley-Blackwell, the annual conversation has been renewed at Savage Minds [here] and [here] and elsewhere. Anthropologists have been reading and circulating George Monblot’s essay in The Guardian “Academic Publishers Make Murdock Look Like a Socialist” and the essay has, it seems, awoken some new interest in the anthropology publishing debates that have have been ongoing for many years now.
Read the rest, here.

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