February 28, 2009

Calderón to visit Tiger's project in Northern Baja

Mexican President Felipe Calderón is set to visit Tiger Woods' multimillion dollar project this next month. It will be interesting to hear the political rhetoric that comes from this visit.

Here is a new article that I found about the situation. The following is an excerpt that illustrates some of the views of the current secretary of tourism in Baja California, Oscar Escobedo:

But Escobedo said he is confident Punta Brava, which is expected to be permitted within a few weeks, will succeed and bring a new class of high-end tourism to the region as owners invite friends and business partners to play golf. He said he believes the current crime wave, which his office has blamed for as much as a 70 percent drop in visitors across the Mexican state, will pass and that tourism will rebound. “This golf course has the potential of putting Baja California on the map as a worldwide golf destination,” Escobedo said in an interview. “I don't see the current violence having a long-term impact. This is not the first time, nor the last, that Mexico goes through a crisis.”

Interesting. A private high-end golf course is expected to revive the economy in Northern Baja. We'll see about that. And of course the current socio-political problems are just a minor detail.


Moisés Santos Mena said...

No!! He won´t go there!! and that´s because we sent him a letter asking him not to visit and, therefore, endorse the project because it is in review by the SEMARNAT (Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, the equivalent to EPA)and it would constitute a violation of the legal and institutional process...
I have the letter but it was written in spanish.
Saludos: Moika.

R.A. said...

Thanks for the comment Moises. Has there been any word about the visit yet???

Moisés Santos Mena said...

Check this one out!! The other side of the coin (I totally disagree with these opinions).

R.A. said...

thanks moises. this definitely presents the "pro" argument for the development, doesnt it?

Moisés Santos Mena said...

Another one:


And the response: