November 24, 2009

2012 Circus at Archaeological Haecceities

For a good overview of the 2012 "phenomena," check out this post over at Archaeological Haecceities. Here is an excerpt:

For a small but still growing group of people December 21, 2012 will be a fateful day. Several made up prophecies will not fulfill. Some of these people will probably say “never mind” and search for a new doomsday in some ancient text. Hopefully most people will feel betrayed and fooled. The market for books, websites, blogs and forums concerning 2012 authored by self proclaimed prophets and experts, along with good old Nostradamus, have increased tremendously, especially in the US. Most of these prophets make a living out of people’s search for the meaning of life or the wish for a better world. Ancient societies are ascribed several noble qualities and knowledge we are supposed to learn from. However, most of the prophets focus on people’s fear and emphasize the end of the world and appear in classy magazines like Playboy. But it is a Christian apocalypse these people visualize.

Definitely worth reading through the whole post, just so you are well prepared for not only the movie, but the ensuing event itself. I'm expecting a Mesoamerican rehash of Y2K, or something like that. Make sure you buy your duct tape and canned food.

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