November 2, 2009


This is a trailer of the film about the Human Terrain System project. Here is the website for the film. And here is a recent post by Max Forte that discusses this film, among other things.

Here is what the American Anthropological Association says about HTS.

Here is what HTS says about HTS.

Here is what Wikipedia says about HTS.

Here is one example of what John Stanton says about HTS.

And here is a September 2009 piece on HTS from Foreign Policy.

So what do YOU think about HTS?


Douglas La Rose said...

According to Wikipedia, HTS is deployed to "understand other cultures" in battlefields. I could spend all day ripping that claim apart.. As for the movie, it looks pretty damn interesting. It would be fascinating to hear the rationalization behind it.

Ryan Anderson said...

Ya, it's definitely all about "understanding," right?

I am trying to find out more about the film...not sure if it can even be seen in the US. Have you heard anything about it???

There is more about the story behind the film on the web site. Read the director's statement.

Stacie Gilmore said...

It's interesting how movies like this circulate. I'm not sure what considerations have to go into deciding where to show it, but you'd think America would be at the top of the list. You might consider emailing them to see what plans they have beyond the Italy and Denmark film festivals.

The Filmmakers page says that a previous collaboration among the directors went to film festivals and then aired on Link TV, freely available on the internet:

Stacie Gilmore said...

Correction...mixed two sentences, it only aired on Link TV and then went to a museum in Germany

Ryan Anderson said...

Ya, I would really like to know where this film is. If I can find it I will forward it to you.

udrism said...

The film did indeed screen in Florence where it won the audience award and at CPH:DOX in Copenhagen. We are awaiting word from US festivals in the coming weeks. Unfortunately we cannot post the film or make it available for sale until we have finished the festival circuit and talked to potential distributors. I encourage you all to keep track of the progress on our web site and, by all means, post your comments there as well.

Michael Udris

Ryan Anderson said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your comment. I will most definitely keep a lookout for the film here in the US. Thanks for the information...hopefully it will screen here in the US sometime soon.