March 30, 2010

In the States (again)

Travel is great, and tiring. The trip to Yucatan and Quintana Roo for the annual SfAA meeting was definitely a good one. And a busy one. It was nice to see some sunlight after a LONG winter (or what seemed like a long winter out here in Kentucky). As usual, airline travel was full of delays and long hours waiting around in airports--we got delayed leaving the US and we got delayed (but not too long) when we came back. But it was worth it.

Now...back to the continual fun that is graduate school. We have about one month left in the semester which means that I have to start getting those final papers in order. In 30 days summer will be right around the corner, which is something that I am definitely looking forward to this year.

Just an update.


Bjørn Østman said...

In the States again.
I'm so glad to be in the States again.
Home from places where I have been.
I'm so glad to be in the States again.

[Keep singing until until you're older than Moses.]

Ryan Anderson said...

Is Willie older than Moses?

Conor said...

How were the SfAA's this year? Anything particularly good?

Ryan Anderson said...

Hey Conor,

There was some good stuff. Heading down to Mexico is always nice, especially after a long cold winter. But there were some pretty good panels and such. Mine was interesting--there was a lot of cohesion in all of the presentations, which were basically about the politics of conservation in Mexico.

The best part, of course, was the food. I love the food in Yucatan and Quintana Roo.