February 9, 2011

Things vs People (Zero Anth on the AAA & Egypt)

Max Forte on the recent response of the AAA to events in Egypt:
In a first-rate public exercise of missing the point, the American Anthropological Association released a statement on 02 February, in conjunction with the Archaeological Institute of America, misleadingly titled “Statement of Support for Egypt.” After getting past the brief formality of noting that Egyptian lives and rights are being trampled upon, the statement goes on to focus on the fate of the artifacts housed at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities–visited by countless tourists, and a specialized class of tourists known as archaeologists. Self-interest, anyone? Indeed, the statement is 190 words, of which at most 31 are devoted to Egyptian lives and rights, and 150 are devoted to the blessed artifacts.
Read the rest here, then sit back and ponder the meaning of anthropology.


Maximilian C. Forte said...

Thanks very much for the link, and your visit and comment.

Best wishes.

Ryan Anderson said...

thanks max.

Anonymous said...

I thought the AAA wanted to ignore archaeologists (in their recent statement that anthropology no longer is a science). Is this an attempt to smooth things over?